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Pure Zen

PureZen Health ™ nutritional supplements were developed by Dr. David Brownstein, Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine, and his partners, Dr. Richard Ng & Dr. Jeffrey Nusbaum in West Bloomfield, Michigan. They are conventionally trained, medical doctors, and are the most progressive & prominent physicians in holistic medicine today. They are dedicated to raising the awareness about the health benefits that come from natural healing remedies. They believe that the more knowledge you have about the holistic approach to natural healing, the more you can take an active role in achieving optimum health. From nutrition, detoxification, natural hormone treatments, to dietary aides, PureZen Health ™ offers the most natural, medical grade supplements to provide the body with all of the important nutrients that promote an optimal level of health. Visit PureZen Health ™

center for holistic medicine

Visit the Center For Holistic Medicine's website to learn more about Dr. Brownstein's practice and his colleagues: Center For Holistic Medicine.

Visit the Center For Holistic Medicine's natural supplements store: CHM Supplements Store.

Dr. B. On Newsmax

Visit my page on Newsmax: Dr. Brownstein On Newsmax.

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